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We build and assemble wooden houses from T0 to T5 for permanent housing, holidays, guesthouses, Yoga rooms, outbuildings, classrooms, offices, etc.

We are unique in the country because our houses are built with certified materials from SWEDEN, such as the type of insulation and the gutter system for channeling rainwater.

We have sold over 2000 homes so far in Portugal, UK, and Ireland.

We have four teams of professionals specializing in the assembly of houses throughout the country, including the Azores, Madeira and Africa.

Our houses can be set up on all types of terrain on top of pillars or concrete slabs.

We have a highly computerized factory where we continue to invest in achieving greater and better quality/price and alternative solutions.

As we are manufacturers, it is possible for us to have the best delivery times compared to our competition.

Our company has crane trucks to transport all materials, so it is not necessary to depend on third parties.

We have a design and architecture department for tailor-made projects. We execute projects tailored to the client.

If they opt for our project, to which they need to make some changes, we do not charge any additional amount for that reason.

All our prices include the mounting base.



A modern factory with innovative manufacturing processes and superior quality in wooden houses.

We have our own project department, made by architects and engineers.

The windows and doors are factory made. Continuous shift work.

We sell all over Europe. All material is certified in Sweden by independent bodies.

Prefabricated houses, factory-built houses, modular houses, the lexicon related to this type of construction is very wide and is growing due to the role they currently have in the real estate market. One of its great advantages is the price, which is generally significantly lower than that of traditional constructions and which does not have the risk of incurring extra costs.

Wooden houses have a price depending on the quality and finishes. One of the advantages of industrialized construction is the execution time, which is very different from the time associated with traditional construction, since, with industrialized construction, standardizing processes and manufacturing in a controlled environment where there are far fewer variables, deadlines are much shorter. than traditional ones, with consequent savings in indirect costs.

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